Year 2081

For the last forty years, meat and meat products consumption have been only allowed for medical purposes and breading and their trade and possession for other reasons are considered a crime. Marginal social groups are supplied with meat by illegal butchers and merchants and they consume it carelessly in public. Members of the aforementioned social groups, known as “meatjunkies”, wonder around descent and healthy citizens from whom they beg for money so that they buy their dose of meat. The meatjunky will do anything for one’s fix. The meat addiction is so intense that the use of violence and offensive behavior is common amongst meatjunkies. The sickness caused by meat deprivation is so harsh that the meatjunky  in search of meat  is dangerous and a public enemy.

Usually meatjunkies gather in neglected and decadent places of the city where without any hygienic precaution they do barbeques that pollute and infect the atmosphere.


A disgusting smell of roast is rising from every meatjunky spot, transforming previously decent neighborhoods into uninhabitable places or even meatjunky ghettos.  Besides the smell, the sight is also obscene: one can find bones, grease, even toothpicks! None the less, meatjunkies put themselves in danger by consuming meat of bad quality in large ammounts. Some of them die instantly in public by poisoning, chocking and heart attacks.

For once more, the public opinion is divided: some consider and treat meat junkies as criminals, as parasites that need to be punished and reformed, where as some consider meatjunkies as sick patients that require medical treatment before they allowed reentrance to society. For the second, the essential measure for the meatjunky rehabilitation is the creation of the Centers of Controlled Meat Consumption (CCMC).


 A CCMC unit is consisted of a total white sterilized cubic interior (3x3x3 m.) with a soft flooring material and a table.  There, the meatjunky will be provided with the necessary proper meat dose and consume it safely. Specialized nurses will prepare and provide meat through a small hole carved on one of the four white walls. No matter how trained and equipped they are, nurses have to be protected from the meatjunkies and achieve the minimum and strictly necessary contact with them.




As aforementioned the meat provided will be of first class quality and the portion will be gradually decreasing.  Eventually, meat will be substituted by fat consisting jellos.  International Health Organizations prove and certify that a fat consisting jello treatment can fully cure a patient in three (3) stages:



Stage A: Four jellos until 16:00 and two jellos from 16:00 until before dinner, every day.

Stage B: Three jellos until 14:00 and three from 14:00 untill before dinner, every day.

Stage C: One jello a day, every two days.






Installation: Glorius Holistic by Alivizatos & Kitanis aka AliKi

meetjunky / actress : Theodora Tzimou

Photos: Alina Lefa

Styling : Chrisa Papouli