Eleni & Ermis




How can you hide from children? They know it all, anyways.

At the end of the road right and then right again, a small Korean place that looks like something between a home and a small canteen, serves delicious food, with fresh ingredients, simple food, expensive (as everything in Zurich), homemade food.

Ermis that has a strong opinion, and loves restaurants passionately, insists that this simple meat and rice as I say it, has something very special, this sauce (soβe in German) makes the difference.

If it wasn’t for Ermis I wouldn’t have known how a Korean dish looks like, and even now that I know, I still sometimes get confused and call it Tai.

The preparation of the food takes time, sometimes even an hour, and we look around at the shelves of the small place that serves as a small supermarket.

It also sells suitcases, small, leather suitcases. Ermis says that this has a logical explanation as someone who comes to eat and has a damaged suitcase, can buy a new one and go directly to the airport which is in close proximity. Practical. He says.

Cold Sundays have a melancholy here in the north. (In reality we are in central Europe, but I like to call it the North!)

The sun, also with northern qualities, goes in and out all the time, and we run to catch its rays for as long as it stays with us.

Sundays in Zurich have the taste of homemade food. And this is what we keep.

What difference does it make if it is Greek , Korean , or Italian ? Or if we eat it at home, at the playground or at the restaurant?

“…Sure! It makes a big difference…” , I hear Ermis screaming from a distance.