She gave me an appointment at 12.30pm and i had to prepare a light lunch.

I had no time at all, so i went to the supermarket and i bought only the ingredients that I would need to create a fresh dish. Although I needed softener for the clothes and toothpaste, I didn’t even try to buy them.

i went back home and I started cooking because i had almost an hour.

I cleaned with water the buckwheat and i put it in a small pan to be boiled.

I started cleaning with water the vegetables. First the mushrooms so as to get dry. Then the leek, parsley, a lot of garlic and courgettes.

Buckwheat is ready. I strain it and i put it immediately into my favorite bowl, near the window so as to get cool quickly. I add salt, pepper, trimmed bio spices, gold linseed crushed in the mortar, chia, pumpkin seeds, sesame and some curry.

I put a pan in the oven with mushrooms just with a bit salt so as to get tasty. I left them approximately for a half an hour.

I quickly go out to the garden so as to take some lavender for the vase. I like the color and the scent.

in the meantime i put oil in the frying pan and i “saute” the leek, then i added ginger and some garlic.

I threw all of them in buckwheat.

i cut raw courgettes and i add them too.

I started washing the dishes in order her to find the kitchen clean.

Mushrooms are also ready. I add them too.

I cut a lot of parsley.

I added some oil to boost the humidity and in the end I squeezed a lemon. I mixed everything.

I always improvise.

Having as a rule the food to be healthy and beautiful.

I am impatient to learn if she likes it.

If she appreciates it.

I definitely serve water in crystal wine glass.