The Project

gou​rmêtre is a double creation of Alina Lefa;
it is about the invention of the word; an “arbitrary” combination of the french words “gourmet” (/gurmε/: connoisseur of fine food) and the verb “être” (/εtr/: to be, to exist).
Apart from that, it is about a photographic project, whose focal point is the subjectivity of these certain things and situations that may offer delight to someone.

In this sense, “participants” are asked to follow a specific procedure, in order to track the taste- both literally and metaphorically speaking- which best suites them. The element of food and the way it is being treated, leads to unpretentious mediated peoples’ portraits, to snapshots of the everyday routine and natural captures of some instants, closer to the real possible. These images, being accompanied by a short relevant narration of each “protagonist”, highlight their more profound crumples.

So, ​gourmêtre is about the way of feeling our most genuine and original moments, but also how we place and see ourselves within them.

text by Pavlina Kyrkou